My latest game coming soon

My latest game coming soon


Using out of the box cocos2d-x 3.17



That art is nice!


Amazing work. Default cocos2dx physics or box2d? Because I am unable to set it up correctly.


Looking great!


Thanks! As for physics I reverted the box2d shipped with 3.17 to the previous version to mitigate risks since I developed on the previous 3.16 box2d.

@tink3r_t the box2d shipped with 3.17 worked out of the box with just small config on iOS and Android worked fine. Someone on this forum pointed out the solution.



As far as I know the cocos2dx is shipped with chipmunk not with box2d physics engine. Correct?


No it shipped with Box2d also. You can find it in /cocos2d/external/Box2d/


ok thanks I will check that out.


Is their any way to find out what physics engine the cocos2dx is currently using… Because after changing from chipmunk to box2d… I see no difference. And I am thinking that maybe changing preprocessor Macros to this has no effect…



Not sure, we don’t use the PhysicsBody provided by cocos2d-x. We use Box2d directly.


Our Physics implementation is based upon Chipmunk. The API is almost exactly drop in, IIRC. I had talked with previous physics developers whom told me this.


I like it a lot! I love the dog! :slight_smile:


@dogwalker Thanks! She pass way due to cancer last December when I started to make this game :frowning: So I decided to add her to be part of the game :slight_smile:


I’m so sorry. :frowning:

BTW, I love that you included her. I love every dog I’ve ever had, and miss each terribly.

Take care, and good luck.


I love the pixel art!
It deserves a better UI though.


@stnguyenvn You mean the brake, hop and pedal?


yeah, also the top HUD