My IDE doesn't update the CMakeLists.txt (Ubuntu)

My IDE doesn't update the CMakeLists.txt (Ubuntu)
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Hi everybody,

My project works perfectly in Mac with Xcode, but now I need to compile and run the project on Ubuntu and I can not do it.

I try with some IDE’s, like NetBeans, Eclipse, CodeBlocks, VisualStudio, etc.

My problem is that my IDE does not update the CMakeLists.txt file, well, I suppose is this.
Because I create a new project and cocos generates the AppDelegate and HelloWorldSample files.
But when I add new classes (.h and .cpp), the IDE does not update that file in the part:
Set (GAME_SRC …) and set (GAME_HEADERS …)

So, how can I work on my classes without wanting to worry about that file.