My first game published with cocos2dx and feedback

My first game published with cocos2dx and feedback


After 3 months of work my first game with cocos2dx is finally complete. Here is the link of my published game.

Color UP

Kindly review/give feedback if you have some time to spare.

Now my experience with engine. Before this I have been using Unity for a year. There was no big problem or issue with it but I wanted to learn game development with cpp.

First Issue when I started with cocos2dx was regarding physics. I was confused a lot by scene functions “createWithPhysics()” ,“create()”, “init()” and “initwithphysics()”. Next there is no tutorial of how the units of physics actually are? (Like in unity its meters, kilograms). But I figured out eventually.

Second, I have programmed in cpp but it was pre c11. So I got introduced to cpp lambdas and autos. And now I am never going back to c# now.

Thirdly, I can say that everything you need is nearly there. There are lot of things not covered by getting started guide but there is not a single function I didn’t find in engine and also the people in the community helped a lot throughout the development . Thank you all of you.

Forth, SDK box is really a blessing. One thing for noobs like me is to import separate add network libraries to make sdk box adds plugin work.

In short. Cocos2dx improved my programming a lot and I also got to know how the game engine actually works. Moreover I am really happy with app performance and app size (I don’t think I could achieve those on unity). Thank you for such an amazing engine and I can’t wait to start my next game with it.

Feel free to ask me if you want to know how I implemented any feature in my game.



Also, thank you for your feedback on the engine and the docs. If you have topics in the docs that you feel we need to cover, create a GitHub issue for me. Also, if you have any sample code or thoughts, please also add them there. I can work faster with a jumping off point.


I tested your game. You did a great job and the best thing which I liked is the finish quality which you gave to the game.
Best of luck for the next project


Thank you, you made my day. Although at the end I was burned up and finished it a little quickly.


It’s a nice blend between Rise Up and Color Switch.
I like it :slight_smile: