【Muzzik plug-in】 plug-in development tool, editor menu expansion!

Editor menu extension (used by plugins)

Tested version (2.3.x-2.4.x), other versions can not be used except 3.0, please feedback directly
Part of the renderings:


  • Support resource menu

  • Support node menu

  • Support node setting menu

  • Support component setting menu

  • Support adding component menu

  • Support console menu

  • Support adding submenu

  • Support menu display dynamic control

  • Support dynamic control of menu graying

Instructions for use

  • The original menu will be retained after modifying and adding the menu path (path_s) during debugging, and it can be cleared after restarting the editor

  • You don’t need to restart the editor to modify other attributes of the added menu during debugging, you can directly see the modified effect

Contains sample projects and sample plugins

The plug-in store has been uploaded, search for muzzik_menu to get