Multisampling antialiasing (MSAA) in cocos2dx-v4

Multisampling antialiasing (MSAA) in cocos2dx-v4

Hello, we’ve successfully ported our mixed 2d-3d game’s prototype with disabled MSAA to cocos-V4 with only 5% performance drop.

Now I’m trying to enable antialiasing back.

As far as I understood MSAA is currently unimplemented in v4.

// from
- (id) initWithFrame:(CGRect)frame pixelFormat:(NSString*)format depthFormat:(GLuint)depth preserveBackbuffer:(BOOL)retained sharegroup:(EAGLSharegroup*)sharegroup multiSampling:(BOOL)sampling numberOfSamples:(unsigned int)nSamples
{ ..
// numberOfSamples and nSamples are unused here

If I’m not right could you please advise me on how to enable MSAA in cocos2dx-v4.

Or if it’s unimplemented, do you planning to implement it and when?

@zhangxm @coulsonwang can you help with this?

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Sorry about for MSAA missing in v4, I will take a look when I am finished works at hand.

Thanks for Your reply. I’ll continue to investigate possible ways of implementing MSAA my self.

If you fix the MSAA issue, it will be appreciated to post a PR to v4 branch, and we will review it.