Multi Window drop FPS issue

Hi everyone!

Currently i want make a simple game where i can open new window (gameplay) from lobby screen (lobby)
But im facing an issue with fps drop, even on empty project, which just show a label and a button to open new window.
I don’t know if any guy already have more experience with that issue,
I think it could become a good feature, to expand your game ideas.

You can find very simple project i created here:
my Idea is:
i have 2 scenes, LOBBY and GAMEPLAY , on LOBBY scene, we have a button to open new window (GAMEPLAY).
How to process:
1- Open GAME scene and build it first, rename the folder build = ‘gameplay’
2- Open Lobby scene then build, and copy ‘gameplay’ folder to that build, then run the build.
struct after build should be :

  • web-mobile
    - gameplay (copied from step 1)

I checked some articles before with this issue, and seem it happen same for me, the fps drop when i try to open few more new window (just more than 3, 4 …) and it happen on few device with intel card vga onboard, and few low/medium device.

@Cocos team: Any chances to get a support from your team for this issue please.
@Other guys : Any suggestions are very very welcome,