Moving the camera in 2D world

im’ trying to find how i can move the camera view for a topdown 2D game on CC 3.2. I tried setting different cameras / canvas items but couldn’t really get the thing working. Would appreciate any help with this.

Thank you,
V.Vamsi Krishna

Thank you for your feedback.
The Camera under Canvas will cause you to set the Camera’s Y axis to fail because it is always aligned to the Canvas.
For the current implementation of your needs, you can try.
Create a new camera under Canvas named Camera1 and then implement your requirement by setting the Y coordinate of this camera. Don’t forget to modify Camera1’s Z coordinate, ClearFlags, Visibility and other parameters (because this parameter is not the same as the Camera under Canvas by default)
I’ll provide a demo, you can see if it solves your problem. (22.9 KB)

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Thank you this works great. If anybody is looking at this in future, you should be able to add new UI elements to the scene with flag set as “Default” for the HUD / UI elements of your game.
Anything added as UI_2D will be visible in the “world”.

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