Move canvas to the top

Move canvas to the top


Hello. I’ve set resolution policy to FIXED_WIDTH on tall mobile devices, and now i have black bar on the top of the game. How can i move the game canvas to top instead of staying on bottom? The canvas node position seems to be blocked and cannot be changed. Thanks for help!


I don’t know if I’m the best for answering this question because I do things in my own way but my observations have shown me that black gaps become visible due to aspect ratio. I believe it’s best to change the position and size of children nodes rather than focusing on the canvas. It is almost impossible to set a perfect position and size for the canvas which will work well on any device.


Well. I did fix that, and got what i wanted by making empty node, adding canvas as it’s children, and moving this node to the top, so canvas moved along with it.


Personally I wouldn’t move the canvas. I would move the children instead but if it works…