Mouse Joint for 3D

Hello everyone.
I’m using cocos creator 3.3.2 version for 3D game. There are many objects and I want to move it on mouse move. Currently I’m doing this using raycast to select the object and setPosition() on mousemove event and when the object is dropped, I’m applying some force. But while moving the object, physics won’t work properly. So I want to know whether MouseJoint concept can be extended to 3D objects?
Thank you.

Do you have a sample of code for the engineering team to evaluate?

No, I will try to create a demo project. But in cocos creator 3, Mouse Joint is available for 2D only. So I want to know if that can be extended to 3D objects.
Thank you

I can ask engineering to review this topic.

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Of course, this is OK, but at present we do not have a demonstration project in this area. You can study it by yourself and continue the discussion if you encounter any problems.

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Thank you for the reply. Is there any document that I can refer to?

Yes, we’ll write one for your reference.

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Can you provide some effects you need for the effect of the rendering or demonstration video?

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Please refer the video in this link.
app link:
Thank you

@muxiandong Please find the project link in which I have used raycasting and mouse events to pick-up and move the objects.
Project link: GitHub - maheshnnaik/cocos-creator-3D
I would like to use Mouse Joint instead of the one I have used.
Thank you

Sorry, the engine currently provides the mouse-joint-2d component, but not the mouse-joint-3d component yet.

I looked at the simulation by ray detection and mouse touch events, and when you apply force, there should be no way to simulate the mouse-joint effect very well.

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