Mooncakes Welcome The Upcoming Holiday Season

Fall brings about many new and exciting things: New teachers, new classrooms, new TV shows, and in China, another great festival season. In China, we have a holiday that brings about the end of the farming days and the start of the harvesting season. Just as the west sees a harvest moon as the start of the fall, the Chinese of old worshipped the moon for plentiful harvests.

The Mid-Autumn festival is one of the most significant events in China and a time to give gifts, admire the moon, and relax with the final warm nights before the coolness of winter starts to sink in. Though we could go on about the symbolism of the rabbit, the lighting of lanterns, and watching the flowers, one tradition has become very popular amongst businesses. Giving their business partners mooncake gift boxes.

Mooncakes are one of the greatest delicacies and desserts in China. These are pastries that are to be eaten at night while watching the moon. Mooncakes are usually filled with red bean paste, lotus seed, cooked duck egg yolks, sweetened dried meats, and recently, ice cream, which has made this treat one of the most delicious (and fattening) gifts you could give during this time of the year. Even foreign members of Cocos love this treat and eat them as quickly as they are given them.

One of the enjoyable new traditions in China now is giving out these mooncakes to your business partners to show your appreciation for the work this year. Now giving away just a basic mooncake is nice, but the gift boxes for these mooncakes have become more extravagant and impressive. So much so that there are multiple blog posts in China showing them off, seeing who can outdo the other in their gifts.

![MiHoYo mooncake giftset 2020](upload://2UpscbBQXdKiDLbqH1gvT2GMXua.png) Gift box from Genshin Impact developers MiHoYo in 2020

Because Cocos works with many great developers and 3rd party tools, we have been sent many mooncake gift boxes. So many, we thought it would be fun to share some pictures and some information on these companies. So let’s feast our eyes (sorry, we already ate the mooncakes) on these beautiful gift boxes we were given.


![Cocos mooncake giftset 2021](upload://tA0uJWJs1WIaxzVYMNd5qUsInYz.png)

Yes, we had our own. We give out a small suitcase filled with tea, mooncakes, and a special message from our CEO. The dice comes from the fun dice games we play in Xiamen for our yearly event. You can see more about that from a blog post a few years ago.


![Bytedance mooncake giftset 2021](upload://uQ5VfcN6RDvZlvSSETriPKS1fna.jpeg) ![Bytedance mooncake giftset 2021](upload://phcAJDMbZ1pv0oY4Ha2YTNVbQLg.jpeg)

Creators of Tiktok, Douyin, and other apps.

Bytedance’s Mid-Autumn Festival gift box this year is based on the children's charity project "Yitong Paradise". The moon cakes are printed with pictures drawn by the children of Yitong Paradise. While sending out the Mid-Autumn Festival blessings, they also call on everyone to pay more attention to charities in China.

There are two glass plates in the gift box. The flavors of the 6 mooncakes are Jasmine, Red Bean Coconut Paste, Custard, Beef Floss, Yangzhi Ganlu (?), and Cheesecake. We are very curious about what they taste like.


![Tencent mooncake giftset 2021](upload://aW9CjEuT80vuQhMM3gceOq9fzSk.png) ![Tencent mooncake giftset 2021](upload://nqDUIonye1rQ3l0FRvl3B9TulM4.png)

One of the top five game publishers in the world. They worked with us on multiple occasions with one game getting massive praise in WeChat.

One word: simple! They told us this box is made of bagasse, a fibrous byproduct of sugarcane. Tencent recommends that it can be used to grow green plants and store them in the packaging. If it is thrown into the soil for half a year, it can degrade, which is quite environmentally friendly. In addition to custard, egg yolk lotus paste, matcha red bean flavored moon cakes, there are also egg yolk crisps and mung bean cakes in the gift box, which are exactly what the majority of people in the company like.


![](upload://asy5PQQXxyv5yMSgM9dLJMQbepn.jpeg) ![](upload://2H9DvQ1nMnsUCXZlpZmhlmqSDPT.jpeg)

Xiaomi is one of the top 10 Android phone makers in the world.

We were hoping for a phone inside, but sadly none came with it. But they did come with some delicious mooncakes, matcha-flavored cookies, and a rubbery plastic cassette. The cassette lets you play a greeting from Xiaomi CEO from the mini speaker inside it and let you record your own messages to give to others. The mooncakes were lotus seed with egg yolk, bean paste with yolk, Tiramisu, Longjing tea, and coconut cream.

37 Interactive Entertainment

![37 Interactive mooncake giftset 2021](upload://k15cQq9uIZ0KBvWUTOWs9K8CMVh.jpeg) ![37 Interactive mooncake giftset 2021](upload://sQdgCIIQvKT1zGdkwTDexF6mBbG.jpeg)

One of the early mobile game developers in the industry who were very big in the web game market in their early years.

It's too, Cute! It took a lot of effort for us to open it, and look inside: an aromatherapy humidifier, a leather pen holder, a mobile phone holder for shaped like an ancient bank, and a mouse pad for the boss are all practical items that can improve the quality of office home.

This year’s Sanqi integrates traditional culture into the design of gift boxes and gifts. Not only are the poems of Su Shi and Liu Yong, the scene of "A River on the Qingming Festival", and the poem "The prosperous three-autumn osmanthus, Qili lotus and moon city", a Tibetan poem, is added. very artistic.

Happy Elements

![Happy Elements mooncake giftset 2021](upload://4X0FoOBVTCqf4bDyp15SKVzbBEW.jpeg)

One of China's biggest casual game developers. Making amazing games that are entertaining both Chinese and Japanese markets.

The "most colorful" box we got has to be the music element box. The golden windmill + overflowing colorful lines express the beautiful expectation of making the world happy and overflowing with joy. The gift box some amazing spoons and 6 flavors of mooncakes including Custard Heart Crisp, Bird's Nest Lemon Custard Crisp, Germ Cheese Black Currant Crisp, and others.

Accompanied by fruit-flavored Oolong tea, which feels like everything here was exquisitely prepared for us!

NetEase Enterprise

![Netease mooncake giftset 2021](upload://2o8MUy48rBKsXDjyjdnHXmEamlG.jpeg)

NetEase is known as one of the top 3 game companies in China with most of their games staying in China. Though we did mention their Tom and Jerry game winning an award late last year.

The gift box created by Netease Enterprise has the words "Black Pig" printed on the box, we thought for a moment that we were going to eat mooncakes filled with pork. There is no pork but there is pork floss! The signature black pork floss + salted egg yolk has a salty flavor from the pork, combined with the sweet aftertaste of the mouth, in addition to the wonderful combination of roasted grass milk tea and egg yolk cake, another gift box featuring new eating experiences.


![Celedon mooncake giftset 2021](upload://miGSdJfD93A7N0REoGeCoJE7ZXW.jpeg) ![Celedon mooncake giftset 2021](upload://kI4ZxMFYqxHhcBFPUZZPtaxgXPm.gif)

The development team behind the hit game "The Marvelous Snail" had an amazing year and built one of the best single-player games in China. We shared them in a past showcase.

"The Marvelous Snail" developers put their mascot in a spacesuit and traveled in space, and the mooncake boxes were also printed with various characters from the game flying to the moon. There is also a bottle of imported low-bubble rosé wine from a certain well-known brand along with mooncakes in the gift box. The color is bright and fresh, the aroma is rich and delicate, and the taste is balanced and attractive-the above description is from a certain degree.

Jiangyu Interactive

![Jiangyu Interactive mooncake giftset 2021](upload://mY7sROg1pU9r10LIYXCMSisYCwN.jpeg) ![Jiangyu mooncake giftset 2021](upload://foyuYTQs9H52ohcvpIqAxCZHQcZ.png)

The developers behind "Top War", the most popular Cocos Creator game out today. We shared a story on their work earlier this year.

Another "alcoholic" gift box, this time is the Jiangnan sweet-scented osmanthus iced-filled liquor with a strong classic flavor. Even the moon cakes are also exceptional with Custard Tea, Passion Fruit Liquid-Heart Tea, and other tea elements. The presentation and flavor are a dignified and elegant Chinese style from the inside to the outside.

Xiaowanzi / Tokidoki

![Tokidoki mooncake giftset 2021](upload://3PQQO1sXYWgIlFPkkSWhQc6t2tR.gif) ![Xiaowanzi mooncake giftset 2021](upload://6dO0WuLz80jvUuvlgTi86VOrA0Q.jpeg)

This company has a mini-game app that holds many Cocos Creator games inside.

The co-branded gift box of Xiaowanzi and Tokidoki, one of the hottest games of the moment, has a colorful image and a unique and distinctive style, creating a lovely and innocent world. The cube gift box can be places on the table, and there are 8 moon cakes hidden inside each box, which has a feeling of "opening a blind box" to find what you won.


![MeetSocial mooncake giftset 2021](upload://adMXZ0hSwP7npJILoLJtPlJbZW.jpeg)

MeetSocial is a marketing company. We met them at their conference events to help us improve our Chinese marketing strategies.

MeetSocial "painted the moon" on the gift box. After taking out the moon cakes, tea leaves, knives, and forks in the gift box, turn it over and turn the knob at the bottom of the gift box to turn on the built-in gravity-sensing light. When the gift box is positioned correctly, you can see a full moon emitting gentle light in the dark night. The creativity is simple and moving.

Baby Bus

![Baby Bus mooncake giftset 2021](upload://asrd3M3xYiPmqbyr7LCHV92oZlc.gif) ![Baby Bus mooncake giftset 2021](upload://6v61gj41TpkzI44sc2DKKICWK4n.jpeg)

Baby Bus is an education app. We have become a big hit in the education app industry in China and hopefully more with the success of Cocos ICE.

Chinese traditional elements are perfectly integrated into the lively and lovely overall style. The colors are bright and lively. Whether it is gift box packaging, mooncake crust, or small biscuits, there is the classic "panda" image of BabyBus, which is obviously aimed at "capturing the innocence"!


![NUVERSE mooncake giftset 2021](upload://8ydLlKht417IcXUWsdYFmAPoChO.jpeg)

One of the many new studios in ByteDance. Been working on a few games for the company. They're using Cocos for their newer games.

As one of the first gift boxes that arrived at the office, the big planet cup and the tea strainer were placed on one of our manager's desks early. In addition, I am embarrassed to say that the mooncakes were divided up by the friends as soon as they entered the office...Next time we'll be sure to remember to shoot pictures first before eating!

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