Monokai Font Color for Code IDE

Monokai Font Color for Code IDE

Hello Everyone,

I’m a big fan of dark theme IDEs and the Monokai Font Color. So I put together these font colors to make a better JS syntax highlighting for Code IDE. Below are the steps and colors selected to look as close to the Monokai syntax highlighting as possible. See examples below.

Source: github/OtaK/jetbrains-monokai-sublime

JetBrains-Monokai-Cublime Font Colors

General -> Appearance -> Colors and Fonts
Active hyperlink text color: F72671
Error text color: F52670
Hyperlink text color: F72671
Match highlight background color: A6E22E
Qualifier information color: 808080
Declaration view background: 41DEE2
Text Compare
Outgoing change color: FF8533

General -> Editors -> Text Editors
Line number foreground: 6E6B68
Current line highlight: 3B3C32
Print margin: 333333
Find scope: FF0000
Selection foreground color: System Default
Selection background color: 2C3028
Background color: 252621
Foreground color: System Default
Hyperlink: F72671

JavaScript -> Editor
Matching brackets highlight: A6E22E
Completion proposal background: FFFFFF
Completion proposal foreground: 000000
Paramter hints background: 2C3028
Paramter hints foreground: BF9BF8
Completion overwrite background: FFFF00
Completion overwrite foreground: FF0000
Source hover background: System Default

JavaScript -> Editor -> Syntax Coloring
Brackets: FFFFFF (Remove Bold)
Deprecated members: FFFFFF (Strikethrough)
Function declarations: F72671 (Remove Bold)
Functions: F72671 (Remove Bold)
Keyword ‘return’: 66D9EF (Remove Bold)
Keyword excluding ‘return’: 66D9EF (Remove Bold)
Local variable declarations: A6E22E (Remove Bold)
Local variable references: A6E22E (Remove Bold)
Object initializer: DISABLE
Operators: F72671 (Remove Bold)
Others: FFFFFF (Remove Bold)
Parameter variables: BF9BF8 (Remove Bold)
Strings: FFE792 (Remove Bold)
HTML markup: 34362F (Remove Bold)
Links: 3FEBBF (Remove Bold)
Others: 736F5C (Remove Bold)
Tags: F72671 (Remove Bold)
Multi-line comment: 736F5C (Remove Bold)
Single-link comment: 736F5C (Remove Bold)
Task Tags: 92C671 (Remove Bold)