Missing Class or Script Error


I am using 3.4.2
After using Creator for sometime it gives randomly error like script missing event though it is there in asset folder.
May i know what could be the issue?
Even after many restart this error doesnot go, i need to create new project with old assets and then only it works.


This is because the script’s meta file has changed and the scene file cannot find the script.

The script mounted on the canvas node in the Login scene is missing.

@Koei then what should i do in that situation?
Also i think if sometimes there is some error in script then also this is happening.
Not something that shows red error in VSCode but Creator might have some problem.
Also because of some issue in single script file, it shows all script as missing in whole project.
Creator 3.4.2

You can find the uuid in question on vscode,like this:

Copy the new uuid and replace the old one:

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