Missing and transparent faces in 3D


I’m trying to load this 3D model in to Cocos Creator:

I can load the model in to 3D modelling tools and other engines, no problem but when I load it in to Cocos Creator, certain faces are missing or transparent for some reason:

I tried in Cocos Creator 2.4.3 and the new version 3 preview and I get the same results.
Here is a Cocos Creator 3 demo because this is the newest version of the 3D engine, so I think it is more important to debug it in this version:

Any idea what the problem might be? Is it the mesh is not optimised, too complex or is it a bug in Cocos 3D?


most likely a material issue, we will take a look at the model

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It’s a material/texture issue. We’re going to improve our material/texture importer at version 3.0.

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I assume in the current version you need to manually dump the material and attach the texture to the dumped material

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