Migrate 32bit apps to 64bit android cocos

Migrate 32bit apps to 64bit android cocos

Hi all. Once I bought 14 apps with cocos framework, but don’t know cocos technology and I have to migrate them to 64bit versions, according to google play requirements. I don’t know cocos version in this apps, guess it is 2.2.6 or earlier. All apps have a libplayer.so lib only for 32bit processors, I think this lib is created when project is builded by cocos script through command line, but I don’t know how to add 64bit support. Any help is welcome =) libplayer

You purchased the source to 14 apps?

So look in cocos2d.h/.cpp to check the version number.

libplayer.so isn’t Cocos, it is BuildBox, BTW.

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