Mesh support with spine on Canvas

Mesh support with spine on Canvas
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I couldn’t get mesh support working on Canvas with spine.

When I contacted spine they inform me the new version have mesh support on canvas.

Exact reply from them was

It appears Cocos Creator copied our old Javascript runtime which does not have this setting. Please contact the Cocos Creator authors and ask if they could update to the latest spine-ts runtime

The setting mentioned is
Experimental support for mesh attachments can be enabled by setting spine.canvas.SkeletonRenderer.useTriangleRendering to true.

Can this be added to cocos creator?.


Any update on when this is going to get added?


Any update on this?


Cocos don’t use official version of spine runtime. JavaScript version is horrible, and develop very slow. On WebGL meshes supported, but have a lot of bugs. The main of them that every attachment generate one draw-call. I think, better write issue in engine page on github, because in forum this kind of question are useless, I try ask erlier but have the same result that yours.