Merge All Json for internal/resources asset bundle folder?

You are unable to change the Compression Type of the internal/resources asset bundle folder.

If you try to change it, it says:

Failed to save meta Error: db://internal/resources is readonly, CAN NOT save the changes in Editor.

I did discover you can edit the meta file manually, and it picks up the change. But it would be nice if you could edit this directly from the editor. Or, it used your global build setting instead.


I can be wrong because I didn’t tested, but in the build screen, just below the scene list, has the main compression type, that will do exactly what you are trying to do. The option on the folder’s property is for custom bundles.

Not sure, just guessing by the options we have and your question points :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi Randomzord - from my testing, that option on the build screen is only for the main json. Anything that is marked as a bundle has the compression options built into the bundle config, even this built-in bundle.

With the global build setting changed to Merge All Json, the internal bundle json was still un-merged. Only manually editing the .meta file for the internal/resources bundle was I able to get it to merge that json.