Menu doesnt work for moving container "this" node

	Label *label1 = Label::createWithTTF("Start Game","fonts/HippopotamusApocalypse-Gzly.ttf", 70);	
	Label *label2 = Label::createWithTTF("Options","fonts/HippopotamusApocalypse-Gzly.ttf", 70);
	Label *label3 = Label::createWithTTF("Quit","fonts/HippopotamusApocalypse-Gzly.ttf", 70);

	auto menuItemFirst  = MenuItemLabel::create(label1, CC_CALLBACK_0(HelloWorld::loadLevel, this, currentLevel));
	auto menuItemSecond = MenuItemLabel::create(label2, CC_CALLBACK_1(HelloWorld::secondMenuButtonTapped, this));
	auto menuItemThird	= MenuItemLabel::create(label3, CC_CALLBACK_1(HelloWorld::menuCloseCallback, this));

    menuCenter = Menu::create(menuItemFirst,menuItemSecond,menuItemThird, NULL);
    menuCenter->setPosition(Vec2(origin.x + visibleSize.width/2 , origin.y + visibleSize.height/2 ));

I created menu with this piece of code.This works if I dont move my container “this” node. I am using custom very simple camera follow to follow my character.

Doing this I just only move “this” node to up/down by this->setPosition(…). But when open menu node it doesnt displayed on screen, but when I click region of menu items callbacks run of that menu item.

when I change position of menu this time I can see menu but this time its unclickable!

How can I fix this? Currenly menu class is unusable if you move your screen or I am missing something.

I don’t exactly understand your post. Could you clarify it for me?

suppose you created menu (on “y” position 2000, because we will need menu wherever our character pos is) and you moved your node to bottom this->setPosition(…, -2000). Now viewport and menu is same place so we seeing menu but its not clickable.

Case 2: its worst case, suppose you created menu on (origin.x+visiblesize.x/2,origin.y+visiblesize.height/2)
this makes menu perfectly works on initial start. When you move container node with this->setPosition(…, 2000) menu doesn’t appeared as expected its ok but when you click to screen button callbacks firing!!

case 1 menu appears but not clicable
case 2 menu doesn’t appears on screen but menu item callbacks firing by clicking on screen

any idea about this weird menu behaviour? I guess not to use menu is better