Media on phone stops when game opens

Media on phone stops when game opens

so if im listening to music on my phone and open the game, music stops. i can start the music from notifications but i also want to fix this any ideas?

@slackmoehrle i know we talked about this just in case you forgot i wanted to remind you again.

what did the engineers say?

Let me see if we ever created an issue for this.

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Can you remind me where we talked about this thread? I talked to the engineering team and their initial feeling is that if you are not using sounds in your game you should be able to listen to music. That SimpleAudioEngine isn’t invoked by default.

The Balloon (Android only) released hmm well yeah only that sounds right but maybe importing a plugin caused it? i have no idea honestly.

So you know of any open source games that do this?

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my game does it, its not open source but id be more than happy to send my project file for you guys.

I am having the same problem. Any news to this issue?

Isnt it a normal behavior?

While playing a song (eg from a music app), when we play any other sound (eg: from a youtube video or in your case your game), the first one will be stopped?

Should not be in my case, as I don’t have any sound or music in my app.
In addition to that, I excluded the Audio and AudioSource module in the project settings.

I see. Then, there should be a bug in Engine.