Material Blending / Detail Map (Combat visible tiling)

Hey there,

are there any ways to combat tiled textures - especially on terrain - to make them
look less repetitive? (i.e. blend materials / textures or detail map or something?)

Any ideas?

What version of Creator are you using? I will ask engineering to have a look.

Latest. 3.3.0 and beta 3.3.1
I am not sure if this is possible at all, that’s why I am asking.
Would be great to know though, thanks!

What is less repetitive? Could you offer us a demo or picture to show it ?

Typical extreme texture tiling:

Typical UE4 Solution:

Typical Unity Solution:

Sometimes these are called macro-textures, sometimes something else.
Other engines usually have different solutions for this as well,
so that’s why I was asking. It’s basically just a second set of textures
applied on top of the tiled ones with (typically) far less UV-multiplication.

Sometimes you can blend 2 materials into each other (one with multiplied UVs, the other one not), sometimes you can do this with visual-shader editor as well. Sometimes you have something that\s called a Detail Map, which is kinda the other way around (the original texture stays with the original UVs, but the Detail Texture can be multiplied, that’s often used for Objects though, not for Terrain.)

So basically just different techniques for working with tiled (UV multiplied) textures to make them look not-so-much-tiled… :slight_smile:

I am not sure if anything like this can be achieved in CC3.x in any way yet,
that’s why I wanted to ask, just to be sure.


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You can set tilesize in Terrain Layer to make them look less repetitive.

That’s absolutely not the same thing.
But anyways, just wanted to know, now I know. :slight_smile:

An optimization suggestion is given to engine engineer,thanks for your suggestion.

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Terrain layer must be repeatable


this was an extreme example. (as stated!)
Your terrain still looks as tiled as it gets…

But again, I just wanted to know if layer/material blending / detail /terrain decal etc is possible.
Not how to make a seamless tileable terrain.
(I am perfectly able to do so, thank you.)

I know now it’s not (at least yet/not planned) So that’s alright.