Market Place For Cocos Creator Games

Market Place For Cocos Creator Games

hi guys,

I trying to find a marketplace that sells complete games made with cocos creator.
does anyone know one?

or anyone in that community is willing to sell his projects (for non exclusive rights)

I’m not sure there are any marketplaces yet.

When I see people wanting to buy source code and complete games, it makes me wonder where they are coming from. I mean I write my games because I want to. I want to sit down and code it and work through the issues and design flaws and excessive red bulls. I couldn’t imagine all of that effort, sweat, tears and polish to then have people pay me to download it.

Does anyone know if there is indeed a market for buying complete games to re-skin? This is the second post today where a someone has mentioned buying a complete solution.

@stevetranby @grimfate @corytrese @Rusty @dogwalker @bilalmirza what do you guys think?

Such a market does exist.

I’m with you, my football game is very special to me, something I created, and I’d never sell it (unless someone offered me retirement-level money, LOL!). Now, maybe if I created something less personal to me, with the explicit purpose of selling it, I’d do it, but not anything I cared about.

@RudeJake - why are you asking? what’s your goal?

ok, I understand that at first, it seems to be intimidating.
no one really wants to sell their games as they worked hours and hour on them.
so let me first propose a scenario in which it will help the community and newcomers to this engine.

from what I remember several years ago there was a sort for a market for the cocos2d-x version. which you were able to download examples that were created by cocos.
now imagine a newcomer that wants to try this engine and didn’t went to the forum and found the thread with the examples/demo games that the cocos team created.
moreover, what if he download the new version of the engine and those demos don’t run with the version and need few fixes here and there.
and of course, it will give the ability for the community to share their tutorials \ demos more easily.

from what I have seen on other frameworks \ engines. this is a great way to increase the community and give the ability to new users see the engine in action right away.

so instead of creating a marketplace to sell, at first create it will be free items, and if the users want to upload their project they can. and it will be integrated into the engine ( like a new tab in the opening screen )

now to answer your question @stevetranby - I run a startup ( if you want you can check it here that needs a lot of HTML (canvas / WebGL ) based games.
we checked a lot of engines, like all of them I think.
and cocos has one of the best performance + great editor + animation editor + a lot of examples which covers almost all of scenarios.

the main issue is there are not a lot of developers available to work with it + there are not a lot of demos to be used as a code based. so each game you want to create you need to start from scratch and that, of course, prolong the process of development.

Ah, so just another app store, consider revenue % share instead/option.
(I’ve muted this thread for me now).