Make Cocos Studio Open Source!

Make Cocos Studio Open Source!


With the announcement of cocos creator and the coming c++ support ( Announcing Cocos Creator public beta! ) I conclude that a lot of manpower is used for creator (and the development of cocos studio is coming to an end).

With the announcement that cocos creator’s intern engine isn’t fully compatible to cocos2d-html5 ( Cocos Creator RoadMap - UPDATED thru 11/2016 ) anymore, I conclude that a lot of manpower is used to advance this product.

Hereby I feel obligated to ask if the decision maker(s) could make cocos studio open source, because the product will definitely be negletected ( ). Even when it isn’t discontinued there won’t be a lot of development anymore. It has the same unloved stepchild-feeling as Cocos Code IDE and Cocos Studio v1. And they are discontinued…

We are working with cocos studio (scene and ui creation) and use cocos2d-html5 for our browser game. The current version of cocos studio (3.10) is a step back from older cocos studio versions. Unfortunately we can’t fix problems because it is closed source…

I don’t want to rant or be rude, please try to understand :slight_smile: