LuaStack::init() EXC_BAD_ACCESS in iOS Simulator

Hi Guys,

I’m new to iOS & cocos2dx development so I’m likely doing something silly but Lua based projects crash for me on load with EXC_BAD_ACCESS here

_state = lua_open(); 

in the LuaStack::init() method

It happens to me with both the LuaTests project and if I create a new Lua project and try run that in the Simulator. I can run the CPP Test project without issue

This is with cocos2dx 4 and the latest version of xcode and happens if I build/run via cmake or xcode

I did see an older issue about it ( but it’s for cocos2d 3.1. Not sure it applies to the latest cocos2d?

Thanks for any help

This is also happening to me. Cannot run it on iOS Simulator due to same problem: EXC_BAD_ACCESS in lua_open()
Also working with the latest branch of cocos v4, xcode 12.0