Luajit should add arm64 support

Sine xcode 5.1 add arm64 architectures support
I think luajit perbuilder should added too.
And any plan update luajit 2.0.1?

We are doing it.
And haven’t found a method to build arm64 version.
Any idea?

Bad luck, find nothing about how to build an arm64 version.

Then,would it be possible to use lua instead of luajit for iOS?

Yep, it is fixed. And we use lua instead of luajit for arm64.

in which release?3.2 or later?
Also is it possible to compile and encrypt for both 64 and 32?

In v3.x.
I think there is not problem to compile and encrypt for both 64 and 32 bit.

If you use the files compiled by the luajit on the 64 bit platform, it will trigger error.Because the mechanisms of compiling bytecode files are different between luajit and lua.

Exactly,this is my question.
I suggest to provide an alternative cocos compile command to compile the scripts with lua and then encrypt. And run the lua code use lua instead of luajit for both 32 and 64 if the developer need protect the codes more than the the performance boosted by luajit.

Yeah, i think your suggestion is good, i will record it to try to realize it.

in iOS8 arm64 lua code must use UTF8 - without BOM

How is this feature going?
When will it be released?

Because original lua’s encrypt distinguish 32bit and 64bit,so now i haven’t done it.

when will this be implemented?
From Feb 1,2015, app uploaded to app store must include 64-bit support.

I think we could optimize cocos luacompile.Now we already support xxtea encrypt,but this mechanism only takes effect after the files compiled by the luajit.I have modified the related luacompile files manually to let xxtea encryp can used to the original lua files,and verified on 32bit and 64bit iOS simulator,the result is ok.How do you think this solution?

Still use luajit?
It would be better to provide an option to use lua to load encrypted and compliled code.

The optimization of cocos luacompile can let developer choose if the original lua files to be compiled before encrypting

Compliled by lua or luajit?

I mean have an option to compiled by lua not luajit,then encrypt the compiled scripts.
I think just encrypt the original scripts is not secure enough, and also run compiled scripts is a little quicker.

I know you mean. Because orginal luac depend on the OS, the compiled file by using it should distinguish 32bit and 64bit. I will disscuss with other people, thanks.