Lua Test v4 Spine Error

Hi everyone, im using cocos Lua v4. and im looking how to create spine in Lua. But unfortunately, when im open Lua Test in Spine section. Its not showing spine, i got this error

attempt to index global ‘sp’ (a nil value)

Its that a bug ? if is not, how can i fix it so i can create spine in Lua ? Thanks

Day 1, still havent solve this issue

Day 4, still havent solve this issue

Day 6, still havent solve this issue. Anybody can show me a solution, please ?

Can you help me please @slackmoehrle ? Its so important to my project

At this time we don’t have the resources to put towards fixing this error.

Thanks for your response, so we cant create spine using Cocos Lua v4 ?

It seems not at this time.

Alright then, Thanks for your reply. Hope next time cocos lua can do it