Lua compilation leads to broken 64bit Android builds

My 3.17.2, lua based app runs perfectly under Android if I build a release just for 32bit, but when I include arm64-v8a I get just an unresponsive black screen and I haven’t been able to find anything in the logs to explaing the problem.

There was a fix included in v4.0 to do with 64bit lua, but it looks to be for linux.

I’m very confused and don’t know how best to track this down further.

It may be nothing to do with lua hence I posted under the main heading.

Can you show the fix that you saw?

The one I’m looking at is: 29e03729de7cf50b85e213b5846592fd00940548 “fix issue that can not run release mode with lua projects” Hopefully I’m misunderstanding and this does affect Android, or I have the wrong commit.

Thanks for the reply, in any case. I’ve spent some signaficant chunks of my spare time on the app for 4 years and I think this issue may be the last remaining block on release. It would be awesome if I can find away around the problem.

Might I be doing something wrong in supporting 64bit? I am changing a line within the file from




Are there perhaps other required steps?

I’ve found that this is related to lua compilation, so I will close this thread and open a new one

Isn’t there a way to just change the title of thread rather than starting a new one?

Okay makes sense: I’ve updated the title. In any case, I think I’ve found it’s a know issue:

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