Lower quality first load images for quicker first load?


Is it possible to configure Cocos Creator to automaticailly generate highly compressed or even smaller scaled down images as a first load resource that then would be replaced with lazy loaded higher quality images to increase first load times?

If Cocos Creator doesn’t support this:

  • Why isn’t it?
  • Have anyone done a smart custom solution for it?


It is possible to achieve this by loading your high-res images separately and updating the textures in your code.

  • You should pack low res images in the build.
  • Download high-res images while the game is running.
  • Update the textures when appropriate.

Refer to the following post regarding how to download images after the game starts and update the textures.


Thanks for your response!
I understand that it is possible to have low res images by default and by creating a manual lazy load of separate new higher quality images and replace the spriteFrames.

The problem is that you need in this case to keep duplicated assets in your project of every asset you have and replace them all in an manual way.

I’m looking for a solution where you have one high res version of the image that then during the build process would create one a low resolution and highly compressed image that would be used as the first images loaded and then another high res/quality image that automatically then gets replaced.

Duplicated manual work of assets of every spriteframe in a big project would just be a mess :frowning:

@slackmoehrle Is it somehow in a smart way possible in Cocos Creator to either:

  1. Create different quality auto-compressed assets, let’s say one with “Quality 1” and another with “Quality 99” in the auto-atlas files. Having the “Quality 1” asset being first loaded and the “Quality 99” being lazy loaded and replaced automatically after load?
  2. Having the same, but instead of reducing quality, reduce the resolution of the file and just scale it up in the first load version, that then gets replaced by the full quality image?

Bumping this one, does CC developer have any solution for it?