Loop parallax in cocos2dx 4.0

as always i try to check previous tutorials before asking.I found this one quite interesting:
Before doing that, I was just wondering if there isn’t a default simpler way of doing this now, since the tutorial is 2 years old and maybe something changed in cocos2d-x 4.


I still haven’t found a solution that I can understand.
I saw this one from 8 years ago infinite scroll
but honestly I don’ t understand much despite the explanations. I don’t know why you have to “hack” a PointObject class and then have to do a loop and inside of if a condition and inside of it another loop and then another condition… I don’t know, it seems to me that creating a parallax infinite scroll should be much more intuitive to do.

Since I didn’t get any reply, I might end up just creating Sprite nodes (x 2) and repositioning them when they go out of screen, because I can’t get my head around the parallax node.

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