Looking for users to help me develop!

Looking for users to help me develop!


Hello, Cocos 2D-X Community!

I’m looking for users to help me develop a game named Blastergrounds. (Android, Windows PC, Windows 10, iMac) I’m hiring users to my development team ZackVol Games
Send your CV to me: zackplayzhd97@gmail.com (if it ends up in spam blame Google).

If you are hired:
You can get access to editing the game (updates, bug fixes, yea other stuff like dat.) Do not abuse your power of being hired at ZackVol!
You will be fired for adding updates people wouldn’t like (like reducing the walking speed. Yeah that’s annoying sometimes.)

If your not hired:
You can’t help me develop. (insert sad face here)

Help me get my game out of it’s phases (Early Access, Alpha and Beta.)

Thanks for reading this post, don’t use the WRONG pusab font, and have a great day!

Zachary Voltage

Note: if u dont wanna help me thats fine :cold_sweat:


This is a childish and just down right crappy post. Who is going to respond to this. Please refrain from this.


I’ll only read your CV on Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Everyday during summer break. Thanks for reading! :grinning:


:sob: that’s the meanest thing anyone has ever said to me.