Looking for Brain Training Puzzle Game - Android

Looking for Brain Training Puzzle Game - Android


Hello everyone looking for Mobil Android Brain Training Puzzle Game .

Please check this game : Brainia : Brain Training Games For The Mind

We are looking for something clone of this type game . If you have already made , then please let us know . If you can develop this type game within 7-10 days knock me .

Looking forward .



7-10 days? Wow. I’d say you wont get a very skilled developer to help you. Why? A skilled developer will tell you 7-10 days is not enough time to properly develop an app.


This was also my first thought :wink:


It took me a month to write my last game. Not a month 8 hours a day, a month working 16+ hours a day, eating as quickly as possible, my wife reminding me to shower and change my clothes if it had been several days and changing my /etc/hosts to block out everything that would interrupt me. :slight_smile:



I can surely help you with this. Kindly add me on Skype so that we can proceed further. My Skype Id is live:ray_7950 or else you can also mail me on ray.cis100@gmail.com

Awaiting to hear from you soon.

Ray Jones