[Looking for beta testers] Sheeping Around CCG - A PvP dueling card game about grazing and stealing sheep

[Looking for beta testers] Sheeping Around CCG - A PvP dueling card game about grazing and stealing sheep


Sheeping Around now has a neat landing page at https://sheepingaround.com/
(The blog on there previously has been moved to https://blog.sheepingaround.com/)


The artwork is so good.


Looks awesome dude! keep doing games like this!


Nice job! I’ll try it on samsung S8


Thanks a lot for your comments guys. The game is coming along well in its beta phase and we will begin soft launch on Android and iOS in a few countries by end of Nov / early Dec.

We just added some leaderboards to the game (update coming soon in about 2 days). Some of the testers have played for more than 20 hours in the past one month, and we thank them for their support. (I’m assuming they are a part of this forum.)


Leaderboard and some bug fixes update just went live.


Hi folks,

Sheeping Around is now available for pre-order on the App Store. Currently on a 20% discount in the pre-order phase.

People who liked the game in the beta phase, please show your support!



hey fleon, I dont want to change your plans. I have a question tho: selling the game for 4 bucks will probably lead to many people not downloading the game.

How will you manage multiplayer, if there are only few players?


$4 is not a lot IMO. Most games these days are priced at a similar point. Besides the latest iPhones don’t come cheap either ($1k+).

The game has built-in AI you’re matched against if a suitable match isn’t found. The AI is self learning and learns from real players, so it is as good as (or even better than) playing against a real player. It will be hard to tell who you’re playing against – a real player or AI, even for myself.


Sure 4$ by itself isnt alot. I was just thinking about myself and my friends, none of them would spend a cent on it. There are many people that will tho.

Thats a clever thing, is is actually AI or more based on behavior trees with changing weights? (which is actually AI aswell haha)


The game will be free to play on Android though.

The AI is more like behavior trees with changing weights. I use lookup tables to determine which moves are better than other moves within the game. Outside the game, all decks have a ranking system based on what level they are and how many games have been won or lost using that deck.


A lot of work I guess. Very nice tho! I like it!


how many people work on this game?


We’re a team of four people. You can find more about us at the Team section of the website sheepingaround.com.


The game is now featured worldwide (in 92 countries) in the coming soon section on the App Store’s Games page. Only 6 days remain until the official launch (also the duration while the 20% discount will remain valid)!

(Kinda funny how Alien and the fox are looking at each other, but I’m glad the positioning in some countries is nice! :stuck_out_tongue: )


Congratulations! As a game made in cocos2dx, its really polished


Somewhat late (but right in time before the release), but Sheeping Around now has an official trailer!


Folks, the game is out now in Eastern part of the world: Australia, NZ, China, Japan, Taiwan, Korea. People who preordered from App Stores in these regions can play now! Rest of the world needs to wait just a few more hours!

Funny how I get to know my game has begun releasing already. I got a hack attempt from someone in Taiwan trying to get the Mega pack of coins IAP for free. They failed of course, because I double check all purchases in the backend from Apple, but I found and fixed a major bug in the process, so I gave them the coins pack anyway as a reward. (The hacker might think their hack worked.) :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey, folks, the game has been out now for the last 4 days, and so far the reviews have been positive. It is featured in many countries in “New Games We Love” on the App Store. The game has peaked at #3 in paid card games in US and is in top 10 paid card games in many countries. So far, US and China have been the biggest audiences.

Current ratings:
US: 4.4 (36 ratings, 21 reviews)
China: 4.3 (19 ratings, 13 reviews)
Germany: 4.0 (7 ratings, 3 reviews)
Russia: 4.4 (7 ratings, 6 reviews)
Thailand: 4.4 (6 ratings, 4 reviews)

If you haven’t tried the game yet, do try it. I’m sure the reviews can help you make your decision easier.


Hey all, it’s been 10 days since the release of Sheeping Around on iOS and I have learned a lot of things by releasing it and have written a blog post doing a postmortem of it. The topics of learning include localization, piracy on iOS, premium vs freemium vs paymium, KPIs, getting featured on the App Store, preorders, critic reviews and sales figures.

I am sure you will find some valuable real-world insight there. Please do check it out and let me know your thoughts.