[Looking for beta testers] Sheeping Around CCG - A PvP dueling card game about grazing and stealing sheep

[Looking for beta testers] Sheeping Around CCG - A PvP dueling card game about grazing and stealing sheep


Sheeping Around is a multiplayer (1v1) card dueling game about grazing and stealing sheep. The objective is simple: you gotta graze the sheep and call them home as a shepherd, or lure and steal them as a thief.

There’s three sheep on the board, and one of the players is the Shepherd and the other is a Thief. As a shepherd attach graze cards to sheep to graze, and when you’re done, use “Whistle” to take them home. As a thief, attach lure cards to sheep to lure them and when they’re lured, steal them away. The first person to get two sheep wins. But the trick part is all the other cards that make your opponents’ lives harder. You can lay traps, guard sheep, reduce graze / lure values and use special bonus cards to your advantage.

Add deck-building and card collection, and you get the basic elements of a CCG. All in all, an exciting game that will make you ask your friends, “Will you sheep with me?"

Sheeping Around CCG is made using cocos2d-x v3.17, TypeScript and RxJS on the client side, and Node.js, TypeScript, Express.json and PostgreSQL on the server side.

Gameplay Videos:

Sign up for beta:
iOS users download here: https://testflight.apple.com/join/a4CATJ0K
Android users can download on Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.fleonlabs.sheepingaround

Available on iOS (all devices supported by iOS 11) and Android.
Optimized for iPhone X (and XS/XS+/XR), iPad, iPad Pro.





Just released on Android in Beta too. You can download it on the Play Store:


Nice game. Checked it on iOS, will also test it on Android. The first thing, I found on Android, was the wrong targetSDK. Please check it, because you have to do it anyway: Important TargetSDK and NDK changes in Android app publishing

Edit: It would be nice, if it could use the API 28 (Android Pie) API for the cutout. So it will behave be like the iPhone X(S). Currently it will ignore the larger statusbar and the screen will be letterboxed.


I like the art in this game.


@mars3142 I am waiting for cocos2dx v3.18 where Android P cutout support will be added, that is when I will update to API v28 as well. 3.18 is scheduled for release Oct end. Thanks for testing on both the platforms, I really appreciate it. I don’t have an iPhone X myself, so I have to rely on the simulator, that runs on miserably a low fps.

@slackmoehrle Thanks. I’m glad you like it.

Also I just moved away from CCLabelBMFont to the new CCLabel::createWithTTF. I got a couple of users from this forum who have their username on Game Center in Chinese, so that was a necessary move to support East Asian characters.


It’s running perfect on the iPhone XS and my Pixel XL.

The only “issue” I found is, that I can’t combine the accounts. Maybe someone will switch from one platform to the other and after that you have to start from the beginning. I know, that Google Play Games isn’t available on iOS anymore, but I don’t want to use Facebook (if you are planning to do this). Maybe you can connect both account with a one-time unique code. This could be helpful.

PS: v3.18 is scheduled for end of October? Oh, good to know, so I should fix some open Android issues in github. I believed v3.18 will be delayed because of the Metal API for iOS, but I’m not good in time estimations :wink:


I’m using SDKBOXPlay, and in the game, all I know about you is your Game Center / Google Play username and your player ID. I have no way of connecting your IDs across these two platforms. Your username could be different on different devices, and I have no way of knowing that you own both the phones. The only way of connecting the two devices would be by using a third party authentication system (like Facebook, or my own custom authentication, which would require users to set a password for their account or generate a code that will then be input on the other device). Anyways, it is not possible without manual effort on the player’s side.

Also, I plan on having different monetization strategies for the two platforms. On iOS it will be a paid game, whereas on Android it will be free with ads. Most iOS games are backed up and saved in iCloud vs, for Android its saved in Play Games. I don’t think a lot of games allow sharing identities between platforms.

It’s unfortunate that platform owners don’t really like each other much and lack support for integration in each other’s platform. Certain other platforms like the PS4 are more rigid and don’t even allow crossplay with players of other platforms. I have supported crossplay between iOS and Android from the very start to attempt to tie them together.


Also, Metal API isn’t targeted for 3.18 as per the GitHub milestone. It is planned for 3.19.


That was true, but for Fortnite (didn’t play that game) Sony will change their strategy. :wink:

I understand your point of view, but I really saw games, which showed a “transfer number” on the old device, which can be used to connect the account on another device. This couldn’t be hard to implement, I believe.


@mars3142 I have added this task to my list and although I know it wouldn’t be very hard, it wouldn’t be the highest priority for me to implement right away as you’re the only person that requested this feature (of about 150 testers). Thanks for the feedback though.


really nice game, great funny theme, professional af, but really lacking on the card variety and other meaningful tactics


There is pretty decent card variety and tactics that open up eventually as you play. A new card unlocks at every level and is available for purchase (first one is free), and a mix and match of various cards makes room for different kinds of strategies - aggressive, defensive or balanced. Figuring out those strategies is the player’s part, you’d mostly figure it out by watching your opponent play a certain way.

I agree the base deck might not feel so exciting so all the future content may not matter at all if players drop off early. So I will make that better. And I need to a better job at making it clear that there is a lot of content ahead (there are new cards and rewards at every level upto Lv. 50).

Thanks for the feedback, I will release updates over the course of next few weeks that will address these issues.


What are you using for your sprite animations (specifically the wolf, sheep, butterflies, etc …)?


I’m using Spine.


I have updated the base deck in the game to offer a more vibrant gameplay for the initial levels. Also I have modified the shuffling algorithm to not be completely random. Please update to the latest version and let me know your thoughts.

To access the new base deck, you will need to reset your progress. I have added a temporary reset button in the title screen to allow you to do that.


Thanks for listening to my feedback! I’m glad to see the changes to the introduction and first games. I looked through the store at everything else and I’m surprised that I missed all of those. Perhaps there should be a scrolling bar or something else that indicates there is more and more stuff below XD.

This definitely changes my mind and I think there is enough here to keep me interested for a while. I can’t help but make a mental comparison to other card games of course and MTG is my primary go-to. These games are very very different from each other so the only thing I can think of is where to take the theme and idea in the future, perhaps different characters?


You didn’t miss anything. In the latest update I show everything that can be unlocked in the store. Earlier it was restricted to only cards that can be unlocked in the next two levels, which wasn’t really a good representation of the content that the game has to offer.

Different characters (we call them allies) are already in the plan. They will act like booster packs that you can add to your deck before a game begins. When in distress, you can summon your ally and use their cards to your advantage. In the content update we’re planning to have at least 4 new characters with special cards of their own. On the shepherd’s side we have a llama and a maremma sheepdog, and on the thief’s side we have an eagle and a jackal.

In fact the llama and the eagle are already available now (they unlock at Lv.15). I just need to put them in another tab in the market too.

We’re in the process of conceptualizing another pair of allies - a bear on the thief’s side and a donkey on the shepherd’s side.


Thanks everyone who downloaded the game and helped us test it and make it bug free. We have about 300+ beta testers now and will be closing our beta soon.

If anyone has some feedback on the game in general, they can comment on this forum or email me at info(at)fleon(dot)org.

We are preparing the game to be release ready so keep your eyes out in this thread for more information.


Do the testers get a free copy on iOS and/or Android :wink: