Looking for a push notification service

Looking for a push notification service
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Hi guys! :slight_smile:

I’m looking for a cheap push notification service for cocos2d-x.
The ideal service for me should be:

  • Free (or very cheap)
  • Easy to integrate in iOS and Android

Do you have any suggestion?


I saw this two (supported by SDKBOX):

Do you know the differences?


I opted for One Signal, is free and easy to integrate with SDKBOX


Hi guys,

there exists a multiplatform (iOS, Android) way to check if push notifications are enabled for my game and to enable disable it?
Something like that:

bool Device::isPushNotificationServiceEnabled()
void Device::setPushNotificationServiceEnabled(bool enabled)

I took a look to One Signal Sdkbox API, and I didn’t find anything like that.


No, you must code yourself right now.


Got it!
Why right now? :grinning:


I think @yinjimmy means currently :slight_smile: