Loginbehavior in sdkbox

Some mobile devices login the application using facebook with native app facebook and some devices log in using webview. How to force an app to only log in to facebook using the native app facebook ?

try sdkbox.PluginFacebook.setLoginBehavior ?

I try sdkbox.PluginFacebook.setLoginBehavior(0) but still have the device to open the webview, not native @htlxyz

sdkbox.PluginFacebook.setLoginBehavior(0) will send LoginBehavior.NATIVE_WITH_FALLBACK to fb.

this params will make fbsdk try native first, and then web if native failed.

the system doesn’t allow your app launch fb app to login?

maybe so. How to do it ?

check app permission.

Even i am facing the same issue, even after setting setLoginBehavior

From the description of this problem, this should not be a problem of configuring fb sdk.

If there is a configuration problem, it should behave the same on all platforms.

It should still be related to mobile phone configuration/permission.

For other games its working fine in my mobile, so definitely its not related to phone configuration. It could be something to do with fb dashboard.