Live Stream, Friday Dec 30 10am EST -?

Live Stream, Friday Dec 30 10am EST -?


excited for this.
god bless you


I want make a liquid physics game too,so i expect your live stream


Where will be the link to stream…??


I’ll look and see about how to provide this on Twitch.


So folks have mentioned that Dec 23rd isn’t a great day. I could do it Dec 26th if that works better. Any thoughts?



Either way is fine for me, but I agree 26th is better because of family stuff



fri or sat will be fine for me.




Hello!, Is live stream was ended ? or it will start at Dec 23 10am EST ? (I’ve seen you unpin the post before it start)



I’m currently suffering an internet outage. Verizon is due here anytime. I’ll still be doing this even if it has to be Monday 12/26.


Does anyone use Obs? Can I stream and record at the same time? There are buttons for both.


You can stream and record at the same time. Just click both buttons. But dont quote me on that because I used OBS a while ago and only for a short while. Also, I think Twich can upload your stream directly to youtube if you set it up.


Thanks, I’ll check this out too.


Is this still planned for today??


I would also like to know. I don’t want to miss it.


I am going to do this Friday 12/30 now. I have tasks to finish for the 3.14 release.


Hi, was there stream or we postponed it? Maybe there is record of it. I’m interested to see liquid physics in cocos2d-x which could be used on Android in live app without lags.

Maybe it is worth to try if not live streaming then at least record some first steps of programming it and after then check reaction and then stream live.


there wasn’t one on twitch.


I recorded some before I realized how much time it was taking to do everything starting from step 1.