Live Stream, Friday Dec 30 10am EST -?

Live Stream, Friday Dec 30 10am EST -?

Friday Dec 30 10am EST - ??

I am going to host a live stream where I just make a game. What kind of game? I have had an idea for a liquid physics game for quite a while. Sort of a cross between Tetris, Hex, and Dr Mario.

I have some art already. Does anyone have a source for interesting music to fit this style game? I really like the music from Dr Mario.


Sorry for me. Friday isn’t holiday. Plz record the session atleast.

Would really wanted to attend this.

Hi @slackmoehrle

Check this resource out:

God Bless…



I will record it.


Yeah, cool. That sounds neat.

Looking forward to this, hopefully it doesn’t interfere with your christmas shopping.

LOL. Already done with it :slight_smile:

I’ll try to watch it online but I’m not sure because it’s in my working time.

You could make a live transmission on YouTube and record it.

I didn’t realize YouTube offered this. I really only know about Twitch.

Maybe you find it useful:

Looking forward to it :smiley:

C++, JS, Cocos Creator?

C++ is what I think.

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It is good :slight_smile:

may I suggest you use JavaScript?

So you could show the game running in the browser and them get into details about how to make it work with Android / iPhone as well as Windows Phone (like some tweaks one need to make in order to game run as native apps)

My JavaScript skills might not be enough to do an elaborate game, however.

What you mean by elaborated?
I was expecting a simple game where you were show as the most important aspects of the framework.
Of course, I won’t be against a more advanced game :wink:

Elaborating can be anything. In short, he does not find javascript comfortable enough for him to complete a game on live streaming.

[quote=“plicatibu, post:18, topic:33676”]
I was expecting a simple game where …[/quote]

Check polls. :stuck_out_tongue:

As can be explored, all the (English) books out there show basic (or little of intermediate) aspect of the framework, plus already a pretty decent enough PG done by @slackmoehrle. So, plz describe more important aspects of the framework!

And also, the live stream game doesn’t sound advanced to me just bcoz it has physics in it.

IMO, it’s good to pick something fun which can’t be found anywhere else and also is easy/interesting enough to implement if someone wants, which I think Physics would do

That’s 1am for me - so I may stay up for it, but not sure how much I’ll be taking in:)

The game sounds interesting;.

I definitely think C++ is the way to go.

Sorry I don’t have any music; the one luke refers to unfortunately has a “No broadcast use” clause…