Linux development with cocos2d-x

Linux development with cocos2d-x
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Greetings , i’m new in cocos2d-x engine and i’m a linux user, I would like to know how you graphically develop the games without IDE (like in unity3D), I come from unity3d, and is it strange not to develop with an ide, or am I missing something?


You do everything by code. It’s like in iOS, where you can use storyboards or code - or Android, where you use XML layout files or code. Cocos uses only code, but you can use Cocos Creator if you prefer a GUI for development. The only issue with that is, that Cocos Creator currently only support JScript (afaik).


and Cocos Creator does not run on Linux.


Really? The cocos team created a new (closed source) GUI and this one is not working in linux? - Sorry, but I find this funny.


We have never supported Cocos Creator on Linux and there is no plans to do so at this time.