Line Choochoo [CocosCreator]

Line Choochoo [CocosCreator]


Made a game with CocosCreator in my spare time. Currently released on App Store.
Hope you guys like it.

Line Choochoo :

Some screenshot:


that’s look cool, congratulations!

do all the animations code totally by cocos creator?


The animations all generated by code dynamically.
Cocos Creator uses javascript, so we can integrate most javascript libs into Creator easily.
In this game i use TweenLite.


Congrats on the release. I am going to forward this to our Creator team.


@jyinkailej is in the cocos team I think.

Great game, you got my money!


huh, I had no idea… What is his title or e-mail?


Thanks, @nite. :smile:


Hi, @slackmoehrle .
I’m in the Creator team.
E-mail :smile:


I would like to play it on Android. Seems to be fun.


Not publish on android yet.
I will tell you once it publish. :slight_smile:


wow tweenLite is good library. Thank you. I know good things.


Wow, great! I think is a good thing that a Cocos Creator also creates games, so you can test what you are doing. Thanks for sharing!


Oh Wow! Such an nice game! I’m falling more and more for Cocos2D-X every time I see games like these! keep up the good work! marvelous!

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