libc++abi.dylib crash

libc++abi.dylib crash

From Crashlytics i am getting this kind of crashes


its only happening in ios. There is no problem for android

i could not figure out what casing this crashes

From Crashlytics i got this for some of them

CoreUI: deallocating _CUIInternalLinkRendition 60760 /System/Library/CoreServices/CoreGlyphs.bundle/ 

i don’t know whats really casing this

-[NSISEngine tryToOptimizeReturningMutuallyExclusiveConstraints]

If you are facing this crash and you are using AdMob, this is caused by AdMob UIWebView, good news is there are temporary fix for this problem.!category-topic/google-admob-ads-sdk/ios/I4EEWrPPbSc