Letters height is different in TTF labels

Letters height is different in TTF labels
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Hi everyone.
I use cocos2d-js-v3.6.1 and make my graphical interfaces in Cocos Studio. I use TTF font and as a result I got ui::Text widgets which contain LabelTTF. All is nice, but when I use small font sizes, I got letters with different height. The difference is about one pixel, but it is very evident when the font size is small and the screen of device is large, but screen resolution is relatively small (it is simply reproduced on iPad 2 with screen size 1024x768):

I tried a lot of variants such as increasing font size and decreasing scale of the widget, turn off center alignment, adjust font size and scale to native screen resolution of the device as here: setDesignResolution and TTF
but it seems like it all does not affect on small font sizes and the difference of one pixel in height is always exists, but is not visible on large screen resolutions.
Is there any way to overcome this problem?


Not sure, if same issue or not

You mean your text get corrupted by 1 pixel from bottom or top? If yes, we had similar issue - when on different devices sometimes font got cuted by few pixels - we not solved it - sometimes choosing different font helps to solve it. But I think this was fixed in cocos2d-x 3.8+ by cocos team so u need to update your JS core to latest one.