Learning Creator

Learning Creator
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I am thinking of joining a game-jam this weekend, and would like to use CocosCreator to help me get something up and running in 2 days…

I’ve never used Creator before - and I’m looking for recommendations of the best way to learn it - in a few hours…


OK - well I downloaded creator, clicked ‘Help’ and found the tutorials!

Looking good so far!


Which game jam are you joining? Good luck with it!


Yeah, talk to us!


Sorry - it’s all a bit embryonic at the moment - not sure if I’ll have time

it’s the XKCD Game jam

just need to learn enough about creator to be able to hit the ground running on Saturday (I teach kids coding on Saturday morning so only have 1 1/2 days - and my current game idea will take all of that!!)


see my reply to @slackmoehrle below for details - thanks for the good luck - I will certainly need it - but who needs sleep anyway?!


I did a game jam about 2 years ago. Started on Saturday early morning all the way through Sunday night. It was super fun. I was there to help developers using Cocos2d-x succeed with using it for their entry. Sleep is not needed. The only thing that matters is code, code, code, peel eyes open, code…


The decision I have to make is whether to abstain from alcohol for the entire weekend, or to just go for it, and grab a couple of bottles of wine to ‘feed the imagination’

Closest I’ve ever come to a game jam before was a Microsoft Azure ‘Jam’ - which somehow just doesn’t sound as much fun, does it?

I really want to do this because I have a great idea for a small game, and figure this is the sort of thing that will make me actually sit down and do it - and it’s a good excuse to finally learn to use Cocos Creator!


Why not have some alcohol if you want? If you send me some I’ll drink with you in spirit :slight_smile:

Good luck and please show us what you create!


OK I’ve had most of a bottle of white, have created a bunch of graphics assets, and am just starting in Creator… wish me luck!


Luck!! Let us see when done.


It’s done.


Congrats. It doesn’t work in my browser, I can’t seem to do anything, but I do see the spiders moving around.


Which browser? Make sure you clicked on the surface then use wasd or arrow keys…


:sweat_smile: it works but when i jump out of screen then can’t jump back or do anything :thinking: may be a bug


Yeah - it is.
My intention was to stop you jumping off screen, but didn’t have time :frowning:


Thanks for sharing! :slight_smile: