Leaderboards and their Implementation

Leaderboards and their Implementation


Guidance please!

I would like to implement leader boards and I am unsure which option is the best for me as a novice:

  1. Should I just implement Google Play services for android and Apple’s Game Centre for iOS?

  2. Does anyone use and/or have an opinion about Gamesparks?

  3. Any other option I should consider?

Thanks (and apologises for the general nature of the question…)


The SDKBox plugins have a leaderboards plugin. SDKBOX.com


Thanks, I have seen that but I have also read that you should not use GPS Leaderboards in iOS apps.

Can you confirm that using GPS Leaderboards is Ok in iOS?

I will ask on the SDKBOX forum…


I cannot confirm. @yinjimmy can help us with an answer.


use gamecenter for ios


So, from your comment, you are suggesting that SDKBOX is only suited to android apps as it does not support GameCenter…?


SDKBox has SDKBoxPlay plugin.

Cross platform support for both Apple’s Game Center and Google Play Services, including Login, Achievement, Leaderboard, and saving game data to iCloud or Google Drive.

Documentation is here, example is here.



Thank you for the links, I will check the samples & docs :smiley: