Knuckles MEME fan game

Knuckles MEME fan game

Hello i developed a game based on a knuckles meme.

It’s a crazy platformer with physics puzzles. Enjoy it!

Here is screen-shoot of review for your game:

How can you comment this? What do you think you did wrong, so people leave such comments?

There are haters everywhere. I make the games just for fun. It is ridiculous to think that a game with a thousand free downloads and without Ads would enrich someone.

There are people who take very seriously creating games. This people think that each game must be a masterpiece of art and originality. I respect them. The stores are full of original games that do not have 500 downloads. We only find out about those cases that are successful.

In my game I wanted to try a new mechanics for platform games. With many crazy physics puzzles. If it works (is it fun?) then I will create a serious and original game with a custom character. I’m trying Lean Startup philosophy in order to detect which gameplay is fun or not.

I have created original games before and unfortunately no one plays them. It’s too much artistic work wasted.

For example: Rope Pirate Escape.

Ugandan Knuckles is a popular meme. These were born in VR CHAT.

So for testing mechanics you just need a simple and clear graphics.
The core gameplay is the key, so testing it is a very good idea, but anyway it should be done with simple clear graphics.