Knowing when Async Loaded Prefab is READY?


How do I know when “Async Load Assets” have loaded everything in a Prefab?

There is a value cc.Prefab.loaded, but this value is not about the assets being downloaded and ready.

Appreciate all the help I can get! :slight_smile:

@jare anything you can use to check if the assets in a prefab is ready when using “Async Loaded Assets”?

@slackmoehrle could you check with the guys if this is possible?

It is really strong to load a Scene and have Prefabs that you don’t need in the “core package” Async Loading after the scene has been launched. But to have control of this, you would need to know when the Async loaded prefabs are ready, otherwise you don’t know when you can start using them.

Yes we can ask @jare to take a look at this.

please use cc.loader.getDependsRecursively(prefab) to get all dependencies and check if all dependencies have been loaded

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