Just released Pro Strategy Football 2019!

Just released Pro Strategy Football 2019!

This football game, primarily focused on coaching, but with career, management, and season features, has been around since 2011 (actually, I developed the original game with Coach Tom Landry as part of my Master’s project many years before).

This year, it’s highly customizable, allowing you to customize leagues, teams, players, and all images.

Because I used cocos2d-x, I was able to focus on features rather than platforms. I did add some Steam specific stuff (which is really cool) and just used #ifdef checks for that.

The iPhone/iPad game is here:
PSF 2019

And the Steam game is here:

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android soon? congratulations btw it looks cool

Congrats on another release! You have been writing PSF for how many years now? IIRC, I read your Masters degree thesis too on it!

If anyone wants a good read maybe @dogwalker will share a PDF of his thesis for reading! It talks about his research into automated games like how he models PSF after. (maybe I’m not doing it justice by this explanation :slight_smile: )

Sorry, no Android. I had it on Android for two years, and it just wasn’t cost-effective, so I dropped it. Sad. But I’m very happy to be on Windows and Mac now!

Thanks!! Yeah, my first “modern” release was 2011, can you believe I’m now on the eighth version! It’s fun.

Wow, thats fantastic. Perhaps in a future version I can have a play named after me? lol.

What about sharing your thesis? yay or nay?

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Sure you can! And hey, I can put you in the rosters in the next update! Let me know some positions and teams, since many are taken. Thanks!

hmm, What teams are available? Giants?

Sure, you bet!

what do you mean by cost effective? i thought you only had to pay $25 for once? and i just heard that i actually need to own an apple product to publish games on IOS is that true? sorry for bothering :slight_smile:

True, but I own Apple products. And honestly, the Android version doesn’t just work out of the box. Android sales brought me less than 10% of the iOS, while Steam and iOS were about even. None of them make nearly enough for me to ever quit my real job, LOL!

No bother, you asked a great question, and I’ll bet there are some games that do great on Android! Heck, I have a Kindle Fire that I love.

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Just in case anyone wants to read it. @dogwalker wrote his thesis and it is a good read.

cough, cough