JugiMap - 2d map editor

JugiMap - 2d map editor

Hello everyone,

I am developing a 2d map editor called JugiMap. Along the editor I am providing also JugiMap API
which is a library for using maps from the editor in game engines.

The latest version brings a new JugiMap API which supports Cocos2d.

A screenshot from Jugimap editor:

For API development I am using a small application called API Demo Test.
Here is a screenshot of the application using Cocos2d-x engine.

The source code for the API Demo Test is provided with the API.

JugiMap is currently available for Windows OS. You can get it here: http://jugimap.com
JugiMap API is on GitHub: https://github.com/Jugilus/jugimapAPI


I would love to try this if you ever put out a MacOS or Linux version.

Does it work on MacOS Mojave?