JugiMap - 2d map editor

Hello everyone,

I am developing a 2d map editor called JugiMap. Along the editor I am providing also JugiMap API
which is a library for using maps from the editor in game engines.

The latest version brings a new JugiMap API which supports Cocos2d.

A screenshot from Jugimap editor:

For API development I am using a small application called API Demo Test.
Here is a screenshot of the application using Cocos2d-x engine.

The source code for the API Demo Test is provided with the API.

JugiMap is currently available for Windows OS. You can get it here: http://jugimap.com
JugiMap API is on GitHub: https://github.com/Jugilus/jugimapAPI


I would love to try this if you ever put out a MacOS or Linux version.

Does it work on MacOS Mojave?

Hello developers

A new version of JugiMap is out. This is a smaller update but important as it fixes some serious bugs. Among the new things there is improved handling of parallax and screen maps and several other additions and tweaks.

JugiMap is currently available for Windows OS. Get it here: http://jugimap.com

I also made a new demo application called “Parallax Scrolling” which utilizes the parallax map features of JugiMap API. It comes with source code and editor map files.

Check it out here: https://jugilus.github.io/Jugimap-ParallaxScrolling/JugimapParallaxScrolling.html

Here is a screenshot with the background parallax map in the editor:

In future I plan to make more demo applications, covering various aspects of JugiMap API.

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Hello people,

A new version of JugiMap is now out and it brings a major new feature called sprite timeline animation. This is a general animation type which can be used for various purposes, from simple background animations and movement patterns to more complex stuff like cutscenes and intro animations.

A new demo application called “Sprite Timeline animation” is also available and it shows practical examples of animated sprites.
Check out the web build and get more information here: https://jugilus.github.io/Jugimap-SpriteTimelineAnimation/JugimapSpriteTimelineAnimation.html

Here is a screenshot of the used map in the editor:

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This is very impressive !