JSON saved in localstorage

how do i change one line and resave the JSON in the local storage
how do i change only level1 to true?? pls help

Perhaps this will help: javascript - How to find and replace value in JSON? - Stack Overflow

thanks for the reply but nothing like this seems to work I change the value like they show but it doesnt change

What version of Cocos2d-js are you using and can provide the code you are using to attempt this task, please.

i am using version 2.3.4 of cocos creator
OwnedTrophies = {

        a1: false,
        a2: false,
        a3: false,
        a4: false,
        a5: false,
        a6: false,
       a7: false,
        a8: false,
        a9: false,
        a10: false,
        a11: false,
        a12: false,
        a13: false,
       a14: false,
        a15: false,
        a16: false, 
        a17: false,
       a18: false,
        a19: false,
            a20: false,
    cc.sys.localStorage.setItem('trophies', JSON.stringify(OwnedTrophies)); 

let non = JSON.stringify(cc.sys.localStorage.getItem(‘trophies’))
JSON.parse(JSON.parse(non)).a1 = true;
cc.sys.localStorage.setItem(‘trophies’, JSON.stringify(non));

let non = cc.sys.localStorage.getItem(‘trophies’);
non  = JSON.parse(non).a1 = true; // <- Try this
cc.sys.localStorage.setItem(‘trophies’, JSON.stringify(non));

JSON.parse() returns a new object, so you should override your variable to it.

Also, code will looks better like this:

let non = JSON.parse(cc.sys.localStorage.getItem(‘trophies’));
non.a1 = true;
cc.sys.localStorage.setItem(‘trophies’, JSON.stringify(non));
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thanks for the reply but it doesnt change a1 i dont know why everywhere i looked says it should change but for some reason it doesnt…

You have mistake in your code… I tried code in console, and you can see the result:
obj.a1 was false, but I saved true property then.

cc.sys.localStorage.setItem('test', JSON.stringify({a1: false, a2: true}));

const obj = JSON.parse(cc.sys.localStorage.getItem('test'));
obj.a1 = true;

cc.sys.localStorage.setItem('test', JSON.stringify(obj));

const objNew = JSON.parse(cc.sys.localStorage.getItem('test'));

try this code.

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OMG it works thank you so muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh you helped me a lot!!!