It's time -> Would you like to see your game at Google IO?

It's time -> Would you like to see your game at Google IO?


Game name : Run Cow Run
Trailer link :
Game links :
Team name : Bengigi Studio -
Cocos2d-x C++
Time : 2 years


Very cool graphics. I’ll use your video in my video :slight_smile:


@slackmoehrle Still taking submissions?


@mozartalouis for you, always :slight_smile:


One beautiful video coming up!


Awesome. I am almost done with the edits so then I can drop yours in, re-time it and see how it feels. I’ll post a private YouTube link for you’ll.



Footage :
Team : Me! :slight_smile:
Platforms : Android & iOS
Time : 1 Year (On and Off)
Beta (Android Only) :



LOL, that is the name I use too…hmm. I’ve been using it for 20+ years…


@mozartalouis I’d like to play an IOS version of this :slight_smile:


message me your email associated with your apple ID - I have a beta of this and a new version of the beta is coming hopefully next week with many more improvements, modes and level!


Here is a video:

I might try and make q very short 1 - 1:30 min flashy video this week as well. Something that plays quick to attract attention.


Are you still looking for games ?

Here is my game video

Cannot get SDK Play Box leader boards working


Title: Wilful Kitty
Developer: unexpect3rd developments
Engine: Cocos2d-x
Time frame: Development - 6months, since release - 1 year
Download URL:

Its been featured multiple times on Apple, but still have not caught the eyes of Google :frowning:


Hi slackmoehrle,

Please find the information below, I hope you will use my video :slight_smile:

Game name: Good Dreams
Footage on Youtube:
Google Play:
Team name: 10 Bytes
Cocos2d-x, SDKBox, C++
Worked on the game ~4 months in a spare time.

Have a nice day.


I know it’s late, but sharing is always a good time

Build Up The Base

(webm video to download)
The World Outside (me)
Cocos2d-x plus Creator for scene layout
I’ve been working on it for about 2.5 years, recently got into Google Play’s Early Access
Google Play link


(webm to download)
The World Outside (me)
Cocos2d-x and Creator for the scene layout
About 3 months, as a small project to get on Steam
No download link yet (but maybe someone can help me)


I’ll see if I can add any more of these videos over the weekend before I leave. I am not sure what my time will be like yet. Perhaps I can make a quick video where I show 20 seconds of each video submitted.


@slackmoehrle today the event Google I/O 2018 has been started.
This video will be shown in the event? There will be some cocos2d-x representative showing it?

If you’ve some video/news about cocos2d-x in the event, post here :sunglasses:


I am here now as is @mozartalouis!

If anyone else is here, ping me and let’s meet up. @sdkbox_dpo and I will be at the Google Play booth at 5:30 - 7:30pm tonight and also at time Wednesday and Thursday.

Google announced so many cool things. I’m pretty impressed. They even mentioned Cocos during the Developer keynote.


Yeah, cocos was mentioned in combination with Instant Play. This will be a great option for our games.