It's time -> Would you like to see your game at Google IO?

It's time -> Would you like to see your game at Google IO?


I am making a video to demo Cocos2d-x and Cocos Creator at Google IO on May 8th.

If you have game play footage of your game, I want to see it. Perhaps I will use it!

Here is a link to the last video I made: GDC 2017 Eye Candy

Send the following:
Your game’s name
A URL of game play footage that I can download (or a YouTube Video link)
The name of the team making the game
Cocos2d-x or js or Creator?
How long have you been working on the game.


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Game name : Kitchen Chef
Trailer link :
Game link : Android, iOS
Team name : Sarjak Gaming Studio
Cocos2d-x c++
Time : 4 month
If you want more gameplay video then let me know.


Amazing :slight_smile: We would love to be part of your video and I am confident to say that our game is an eye candy ;-).

Calming Lia

Mingle Games
3 years in development.



I am still working on the same game :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:


Remind me which one so I can pull the same footage to use :slight_smile:


@smitpatel88 Yes, please as I’m sorry, with the link above I don’t understand the objective of your game :frowning:

I’m sorry to say that…but I need to make sure folks watching this video understand the games objective too.


Is the point of the game to match colors over and over? Like a Hex or 3’s?


Hi. Game is match-3 game. I don’t understand what you mean with “match colors over and over”. There is already over 400 levels with different quests and puzzles. You find tons of videos on youtube about gameplay and download it for free to see. You are solving puzzles, quests, daily events, traveling through land of dream, collecting charms etc.

Videos on youtube:

Store link with detail explanation and game to play:

Hope this help to get idea what is game about :slight_smile:


Game name: 123 Kids Fun Hide and Seek
Gameplay link:
Game link
Team name: 123 Kids Fun Apps
Cocos2d-x c++
Time: 6 months


I will be very happy to be part of cocos team video :slight_smile:

SlyFox Studio
Time: 9 month


It would great for me to see my game in a cocos demo!

Game name: Meteoric Invasion
video link:
Developer: Salu Games
Cocos2d-x C++
Time: 6 months


Cool. I like your game. It feels a bit retro and reminds me of my childhood days of playing video games instead of doing homework.

Can I get it off iTunes to play?


There is few of ours :slight_smile:

Name: Dunk Line
Team: Estoty
Engine: cocos2d-x c++

Name: Knife Hit
Team: Estoty
Engine: cocos2d-x c++

Name: Dunk Shot
Team: Estoty
Engine: cocos2d-x c++

Name: Color Ballz
Team: Estoty
Engine: cocos2d-x c++

Name: Ballz Shooter
Team: Estoty
Engine: cocos2d-x c++

Name: Fidget Spinner
Team: Estoty
Engine: cocos2d-x c++


Star Command
trailer -
playthrough -
Team: Warballoon
Cocos2d-x (cpp + json)
4 years full-time (2011-2015), since then part-time on maintenance, bug fixes, and new updates/devices.
(only “decent” game that I also have the rights to share)

app store -
google play -


Game play video: (I would like to make a real promotional video, if anyone has some suggestions for make it free, it would be good!)
Team: Anstra Games
Cocos2d-x c++
Time: 6 months approximately

Google Play:
App Store:


I have a cool demo concept that may be cool enough show

Racing - Pickup weapons(Laser, Cannon, Missiles) while trying to get way-points (Intel)
Shooter - Avoid been murdered by drones who shoot you with cannon

Space shooter racer game - Features

Drones who find you and shoot you
Lock on missiles
Laser(Ray cast)
Box2D Physics
Trying to implement Google Play Store High Score and Achievement right now


@GaddMaster can you make me a video?


Alright, if you have submitted a video to me, I am working on getting the video ready for review/make final edits, etc.


Almost there