Issue compiling cocos2d-x project on linux using Code::Blocks

I am a new cocos2d-x user. I set up for linux and created a test project, using Code::Blocks. When the project is built, these errors appear.

How to fix it?
Sorry for the newbie question, and thank you in advance.

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I haven’t used code:blocks in quite some time.

What distro are you using?

What version of cocos2d-x?

What gcc version?

thank you @slackmoehrle for replying. I’m using linux mint 19.2, cocos2d-x-4.0, gcc 9.3.0

I haven’t tried this setup. I’m still using v3.17.2

This looks like something isn’t right with search paths or missing libraries as I believe these are chipmunk errors.

Have you looked at the steps here: Linux · GitBook