Issue about use IAB (in app billing) with google

I have issue about use IAB (in app billing) with google.

My app can process iab when user follow the normally step.
But if user go back to window (ex:click the home button or gesture) when google purchase is processing(Shown in attatched picture) then google purchase will closed by android OS and have no notification (Ex: onFailure or onCanceled). After that user back to the app and tried to repurchase the product then app will show message “E/IAP: Processing a previous payment.”, And app couldn’t process anything about iab.
Does it a bug ?

My environment : cocos creator : 2.4.3 and sdkbox version: “sdkbox V2.7.2.0”.

the root reason is click the return button havn’t triggred onFailure or onCanceled.

i tried on a device, didn’t reproduce. so your device model info?
and can you reproduce on other device.

Click the return button is OK , because it will close the “google purchase view” first.
But click the home button or gesture make the phone back to window immediately that it’s won’t triggered any event. But “google purchase view” will be closed when user back to app from window.

My device list:
LG G5 Android 8.0.0
OPPO Reno PCAM00 Android 10
OPPO R7g Android 5.0.1

tried on my device, can’t reproduce.

seem like the google purchase view was closed directly when click home or gesture make back on some android.

ok, we look into this issues, thanks.

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